DIA Pick Up Instructions

Curbside Pick Up:

  • After you have arrived to Denver International Airport proceed to the main terminal and then to the baggage claim area on the fifth floor
  • Get your luggage from the carousel and proceed to the pick up location
  • In the West Terminal exit through doors 506 or  510. In the East Terminal exit through doors 507 or 511. Proceed to the Taxi/Limo/Special Permit island this is the first island you see when proceeding out the doors. Locate the Taxi/ Limo/ Special Permit booth and tell the attendant that you are going to be picked up by D & K’s Family Limousine.
  • Your driver will be informed by the attendant that you are ready to be picked up and will come shortly
  • The attendant will tell you where to wait for your Driver

Terminal check in:

  • After picking up your luggage on the fifth floor go to the Ground Transportation Information counter.  It is located near the Hertz rental car desk.
  • Tell them that you are going to be picked up by D & K’s Family Limousine, they will call the staging area for the limousines
  • Our driver will be paged and go to the fifth floor to pick you up
  • The Ground Transportation attendent will direct your to your pick up location.

Cell Phone Pick up:

  • If you have a cell phone you can contact us directly at 720.436.9884. 
  • The dispatcher will find out where you are and get an idea of the time that you will need to be picked up.
  • Then you will be told what door to exit and where you will be picked up. We will page our driver to pick you up on level five and inform our driver what door you exited.
  • The Driver will pick you up on Island 1 the Taxi/Limo/Special Permit island

Arriving after 11:30p call 720.436.9884 and we will assist you in finding your pick up location. 

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